June 18,2007 - NiXPS officially released its NiXPS v1.0 application to customers

After one year development, and a beta test period of two months, NiXPS announces today the official release of its unique NiXPS application.

NiXPS features

NiXPS v1.0 is a cross platform productivity application that brings advanced XPS manipulation and inspection to both MacOSX and Windows platforms, a world's first.

With the merge and extract tools, XPS page and document manipulations become possible.
The extensive merge tool allows to combining pages and documents from different XPS files into one. The extraction tool allows taking out pages and documents. Together with the integrated previewing capabilities both of these tools offer a lot of flexibility to work with different pages and documents in XPS.

The inspection tools allow professionals to inspect and modify all parts of an XPS file in the greatest detail: handle embedded fonts, images, document properties, the XPS structure and even a fully embedded XML editor provides unprecedented level of detail and control over the content and quality of your XPS files.

The search and replace tools allow text changes on XPS files. Ideal for last minute text changes, or filling-in information in the XPS files afterwards.

NiXPS v1.0 is the tool of choice for professionals creating and working with XPS files, and who want to do more than just view their files.


The software is available today from our website: http://nixps.com. Pricing for a single user license is set to 225 Euro (299 USD).

About XPS (http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/xps/default.mspx) - The XPS Document format is a paginated representation of electronic paper described in an XML-based format. The XPS Document format is an open, cross-platform document format that allows users to effortlessly create, share, print, and archive paginated documents. The XPS Document format delivers improved fidelity and supports advanced graphics such as transparencies and gradients. XPS files can be generated by everyone running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Microsoft Office 2007. XPS is an emerging technology with high potential in the document management, printing and graphical arts markets. Due to its inclusion in Microsoft Vista and Office 2007, XPS has a large and ever expanding installed base. More and more people every day can freely create, share, view and print XPS files.

About NiXPS (http://nixps.com) - NiXPS is a software company dedicated to developing cross platform applications and technology for the XPS document format, introduced by Microsoft with Vista and Office 2007. The NiXPS Library is an independent, cross platform, highly efficient software library to read/modify/write XPS files. One of the first third-party libraries for the XPS format in the world. Our NiXPS and NiXPS Go applications are build on this foundation and offer customers unparalleled capabilities to inspect, change and optimize their XPS files.


For further information contact:
Nick De Roeck
Managing Director
+32 479 26 27 19

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