May 29,2008 - NiXPS demonstrates full flexibility for digital print workflows at drupa 2008

Düsseldorf, Germany; Lochristi, Belgium, May 29, 2008 - NiXPS, pioneer in delivering cross-platform XPS solutions will be showing how to implement a fully flexible workflow for digital print production. Next to the latest versions of it's products NiXPS View and NiXPS Edit, NiXPS will be showing how easy it is for other vendors to implement XPS support based on its powerful viewing and editing technology.

The growing adoption of Windows Vista is increasing the adoption of the XPS format. The recent announcement of Microsoft to fully integrate XPS support in it's next update of Microsoft Office, will accelerate this. For these users, delivering XPS for print has quite a few advantages: what they see on screen is what they will get in print, it's easy to create from any Windows Vista Machine's available for free.

Delivering cross-platform XPS conversion, viewing and editing power for end-users...
So what to do if customers start supplying you with XPS files?
NiXPS View provides basic cross-platform visualization tools such as zoom and scroll allowing for full XPS inspection on any platform. NiXPS Edit goes beyond cross-platform viewing, offering advanced, XPS conversion, editing and document manipulation. It is an interactive XPS viewing and editing application built around four main functional areas:

NiXPS Edit allows digital print providers to maintain a native XPS workflow and take full advantage of XPS specific features such as support for Microsoft's HD photo format for higher quality output of photos for photo albums. Through its object and text editing technology NiXPS Edit adds advanced last minute correction capabilities. With its variable data features you can natively create direct mail pieces or other personalized documents from one and the same XPS file.

Also, an increasing number of vendors in the digital print market is starting to see the need for reliable XPS support. Recent announcements of EFI and Ultimate support the fact that graphic arts vendors see the value of direct XPS support for specific digital print applications such as direct mail, photo book production and others.

... and digital print solution vendors.
As pioneer in XPS technology, NiXPS offers various opportunities for software vendors to provide XPS support to their customers. The same powerful functionality the NiXPS desktop application has to offer is available as a scalable software library. This library is available in three versions:

The NiXPS Processing SDK allows developers to implement XPS viewing and conversion on Mac and PC. The NiXPS Library SDK adds all NiXPS' advanced editing capabilities to that. As an industries first the NiXPS OEM SDK provides a plug-in architecture to its NiXPS Edit application making it really easy for developers to just add their technology to the user-friendly environment of the NiXPS Edit application. All versions of the library are cross-platform, and can be used directly with the provided C/C++ api. NiXPS also provides the necessary api's to use the library in a .NET and Java environment. A full feature comparison of the different NiXPS development libraries is available on

With these various NiXPS Library levels, developers can deploy the XPS functionality they need in a flexible, cost effective way and with a quick time to market.

NiXPS at drupa
NiXPS will be showing its products in the drupa innovation park, Hall 7, area 7.0 D. Specifically for drupa NiXPS offers a 10% discount on its desktop products. This drupa special is valid until the end of June.

About XPS
Created by Microsoft, XPS is an open, XML-based file format that serves as default page description and print spooling technology in Microsoft's latest operating system Windows Vista. Through Windows Vista's print architecture millions of users can easily create XPS files from any application. Microsoft Vista offers basic XPS viewing capabilities as part of the operating system. Most modern printers and front ends to high-end digital print production today support XPS. With these features XPS is an ideal format for document exchange, review and print in enterprise document and professional digital print environments.

About NiXPS
NiXPS pioneers the XPS revolution. With a strong background in the publishing industry and extensive experience with document formats, the company is ideally positioned to offer the technology needed to make XPS usable in professional document management environments. The NiXPS Library is an independent, cross platform, highly efficient software library to read, modify and write XPS files. More and more software vendors and integrators are choosing NiXPS Library to embrace XPS in their offerings. NiXPS Edit is an interactive XPS editor based. It provides users with unparalleled capabilities to inspect, edit and optimize their XPS files. Software vendors and integrators can build upon NiXPS Edit to offer their XPS functionality on a compelling, interactive platform. NiXPS View application offers unmatched, reliable XPS viewing for both Mac & PC. Learn what XPS can do for you by visiting

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