November 12,2008 - NiXPS SDK v2.6 released

Lochristi, Belgium, November 12, 2008 - NiXPS releases version 2.6 of its NiXPS software development kit (SDK). A milestone release, bringing more advanced .NET support, and new conversion options.

XPS usage is on the rise, especially in enterprises that are working with .NET and Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). When WPF developers want to generate graphically rich documents for print or sharing, XPS is a logical choice. XPS has close ties to the WPF graphical model, and the ease of use to generate and display XPS makes this a compelling format.

"Our NiXPS SDK is a unique product that empowers developers to perform powerful manipulations on XPS documents on any platform, in any development framework.", says Nick De Roeck, managing director of NiXPS NV. "For the growing market of .NET WPF developers we have drastically expanded our C# api. As a result WPF developers can now enjoy the full advantages of a C# object model for XPS content editing, conversion and more."
Mr. De Roeck continues: "Also developers working in the Win32 environment or on a Mac, benefit from our software. XPS is an integral part of the print subsystem of Windows Vista, and the upcoming Windows 7. NiXPS provides developers today with powerful tools to adopt the XPS technology for their applications on virtually any platform, including earlier versions of Windows."

The NiXPS SDK is released in 3 versions:

  1. The NiXPS Editing SDK. This SDK provides customers with powerful XPS editing capabilities, including a full object model facilitating reading and writing XPS content.
  2. The NiXPS converter SDK. This SDK gives unique conversion capabilities, allowing to generate fully vector based PDF and SVG from your XPS files. Also included is the rendering of XPS to TIFF.
  3. The NiXPS Full SDK, which combines the functionality of the above, at a very compelling discount price.

All products are available today. Contact for a trial version and purchasing information.

Nick De Roeck
Managing Director
+32 479 26 27 19