NiXPS Changelog


Release date: 9th of March 2010

New Features
Document outlines (table of contents) are now optionally converted to a PDF document outline/toc
added renderToImageDirect call, which renders to the supplied buffer in ARGB

Technical Improvements
performance tuning for very large XPS files (+5000 pages)
check memory more agressively to prevent bad PDF file generation under heavy memory load
add feature to block boldsimulation
support Adobe advised font subset naming
handle empty xps to pdf conversion more gacefully
improve memory management when converting large XPS documents to pdf, uses a lot less memory now

Fix in the handling of visualbrushes
support yet another way that jpeg an contain resolution data
solve issue with Glyphs containing brackets {}
solve issue with optional crop optimization
fix issue with glyph positioning for some rare font cases


Release date: 9th of December 2009

New Features
optionally convert the XPS document outline to the PDF output

Technical Improvements
new exportToPDFWithOptions call that takes a memory buffer

make sure PDF strings are escaped
plug memory leak with handling tiff files
PDF out now doesn't include a /FontDescriptor anymore for /Type0 fonts - this violates the spec


Release date: 15th of November 2009

New Features
support strong named assemblies

Technical Improvements
only output images once while converting to PDF
reduce memory usage during PDF conversion: make sure images are freed when no longer needed while exporting PDF

handle larger than dimension viewbox differently to prevent hairlines
ligature bugfix
fix issue with images sometimes images being cut off
text positiong fix (a bug in the parsing of the Indices attribute)
fix issue with support for IsFilled() in PathGeometry
fix issue with OpacityMask


Release date: 12th of June 2009

New Features
NOOptions api to set options for the PDF export behaviour
CropImages option to crop the image before exporting it to the PDF
offer an api to set the meta data that ends up in the PDF
Base14 fonts can now optionally be not embedded in the PDF, yielding smaller PDFs
provide option to generate PDF/A-1b conforming PDF files

Technical Improvements
rendering: prevent out of memory when viewbox is too large
improve text search and selection (5x-10x speedup)
improve speed of processing of large XML pages stored in XPS
improve speed of font handling for large XPS files
better cope with large content types XML
rendering: a lot of improvements

handle jpeg images with conflicting resolution data
ran extensive memory profiler and fixed some leaks
in very few cases it was possible that font metrics data was not calculated correctly


New Features
DLL acts a real .NET assembly now (usable via add reference)
support CMYK XPS files
CMYK XPS gets converted to CMYK PDF now
isTransparent() call to check if an object is transparant
isRectangular() call to check if an object is a rectangle
copyPageOnTop() call to layer 2 XPS pages on top of each other
writeToBuffer() call to write a package out to memory
The printer driver is now signed using the authenticode method (Windows 2003 and up)

Technical Improvements
PDF export improvements
rendering: improve handling of opacity in canvas
rendering: improve handling of transformed gradients
rendering: improve handling of arcs drawing operator
improve handling of sc#rgb colors
improve caching of gradients in resource dict
speed improvement with regards to handling large resource dictionaries
handle adobe style cmyk jpegs
honour APP13 for jpegs
If possible fonts are now named in the PDF file corresponding how Adobe Acrobat expects them to be named to be editable (Bold, Italic & BoldItalic).

fix bug involving XPS files containing specific XML constructs
fix bug invloving jpeg handling
object model fix regarding elements with a dot in their name
memory corruption bugfix
fix issue with possible mismatch between pdf and exact jpeg dimensions


New Features
convert any filetype to XPS using the NiXPS Printer driver

Technical Improvements
PDF export improvements

fix bug involving XPS files containing specific XML constructs
fix bug invloving jpeg handling
object model fix regarding elements with a dot in their name
clipping of images who do not have enough image data available


New Features
#268: C# object model, similar to the C++ object model
#356: SVG export
#356: SVG export

Technical Improvements

#nnn: WPF based XPS rendering improvements
#nnn: improved handling of patterns in the XPS content stream
#nnn: add more examples to the SDK
#nnn: watermark saved files when running in trial
#nnn: honour new product seperation: Editing/Converter/Full SDK

#nnn: fix EXIF parse issue
#nnn: fix in image format recognition code


New Features
#nnn: new api call to export full package to pdf

#nnn: fix EXIF parse issue
#nnn: fix in image format recognition code


Technical Improvements
#nnn: fallback on EXIF when jpeg resolution cannot be determined
#nnn: keep grayscale jpeg grayscale in pdf out
#nnn: keep jpeg compression in pdf out, yields drastically smaller pdf files in some cases
#nnn: (SDK) .NET example now has a x86 and a x64 target

New Features
#nnn: (SDK) new api call to create XPS from image file
#nnn: (SDK) new api call to convert XPS to PDF stored in memory buffer

#nnn: XPS files with pages from scratch were not always well formed
#nnn: some png grayscale images were inverted


Technical Improvements
#304: (speed) optimize opening large XPS docs

New Features
#nnn: (SDK) native x64 binaries

#309: bugfix NiXPS Edit crash when selecting text
#331: implement workaround to handle XPS out from competing product
#335: Quick Search bugfix
#167: spacebar, backspace: fixed unpredictability on Vista
#285: bugfix in search
#286: bugfix text selection not correct after zooming
#287: bugfix quick search remembering last search when it shouldn't
#288: bugfix panning: you could pan where you shouldn't be able to pan
#291: fix issue with find And replace after quick search didn't work some time
#292: fix ispector update after undo
#293: fix issue with moving via inspector
#294: fix inspector update
#296: Ctrl-- and Ctrl-+ didn't work on windows
#297: replace text set modified flag
#299: Select more letters out of text and inspector's color indication is not reliable, fixed
#300: VDP scenario with ondemand card.xps crashes, fixed
#301: double clicking in insert text choose font dialog gives click event in mouse rubber, fixed
#305: Searching for text should also allow copy on text selection
#316: document properties aren't shown anymore, fixed
#319: install routine should put view and edit in separate folders, fixed
#320: Edit crashed after undo, fixed
#323: 'spacebar' to navigate in text doesn't work OK on windows, fixed
#324: UI on XP classic UI is not ok, fixed
#169: after undo the selection is not ok, fixed
#298: crashbug fixed
#302: text select, change, copy fails
#307: crashbug fixed
#308: crashbug fixed


New Features
#253: Zoom tool - An interactive zoom tool. Select the area to zoom to, or use click or option/alt-click to zoom in or out.
#255: Pan tool - An interactive pan tool. Click and drag to navigate in the document.
#244: Interactive text select + copy n
#nnn: PDF export improvements: quicker export & smaller files
#nnn: Improvements related to transparancy rendering
#nnn: Unlimited zoom - The zoom tool allows you to zoom in without limit.
#nnn: The sidepanel can be enlarged now (document outline/page thumbs/document thumbs)
#nnn: Statusbar zith zoom controls and page navigation
#219: Select tool behavior improved; clicking in the document will look for the object that surrounds the clicked spot the nearest
#nnn: toolbar redesign
#226: Double clicking on selection now brings up the inspector
#201: Command/Ctril-A selects all objects on the page

Technical Improvements
#114: (SDK) PDF export api and example added
#233: (SDK) trial text sometimes skewed exported pdf, fixed
#234: (SDK) improved general exception safety of the DLL interface, catch all internal exceptions in all cases
#267: (SDK) added a version info resource to the dll on windows
#237: (SDK) NOPackage_addDocument: the update callback of the progress reporter is now called
#262: (SDK) use C-safe structs on DLL-boundaries
#266: (SDK) documented the NOLibrary calls
#195: object IDs are kep constant after modifications on the XPS
#196: All apps are moved on top of the NiXPS DLL/dylib
#214: NiXPS Edit has a plugin interface now
#181: App code refactoring for movement on top of DLL/dylib

#317: (SDK) fix .NET 3.5 exception in TestMergeDocs
#241: fixed rendering issue with fonts
#034: fixed crash when editing XML
#260: some temporary files were not cleaned-up, fixed
#261: fixed: cannot select image in specific file
#218: Scroll to search result is not always correct, fixed
#232: Solved NiXPS Edit crash while generating personalized document
#258: fixed bug in pdf export: wrong output
#269: Bounding Boxes not correct in some cases, fixed
#204: Bounding Box of skewed text is not taking into account the transformation matrix, fixed
#250: NiXPS library fix


#250: NiXPS library fix
#252: move objects in outline view works correct now
#nnn: trial code fix
#nnn: in some cases text was not displayed correctly
#nnn: memory leak patched
#nnn: PDF output optimizations to reduce size (optimized font embedding)
#nnn: tiff output fixes
#248: merge dialog fixes
#nnn: improve rendering speed


#116: (new) Make sure help is an XPS-file
#185: move objects via the inspector bug
#186: inspector didn't work after a while
#187: change text sometimes had unexpected result
#190: text selection box was not correct
#192: update check fix
#193: quick search crash fix
#203: crash fix
#136: Merge palette had wrong entry when switching from document to page
#166: (new) inspector dialog looks improved on Vista
#175: (new) add text object feature
#177: (new) inspector: change font and font size
#189: XPS file with 2 docs with a separate TOC did not work
#206: modified flag gets set on all documents
#208: Outline bug
#209: file doesn't reopen after saving
#210: NiXPS Edit crash when changing text
#143: When you close all XPS Files, the last XPS-file remains in the extract dialog as selected
#145: inspector: doc info looks like page info
#163: text selection should be cleared (or move also) when the text object is moved
#184: move 'guides' are not drwan correct when zoomed, and panned to the left
#207: Swap selection does not work with rectangle select