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NiXPS Edit v2.6.1: advanced, cross platform XPS editing

Advanced, cross-platform XPS editing and document manipulation.
The NiXPS Edit v2.6.1 application is available today, and is a FREE upgrade for current v1.5 & v2.0 customers.

Learn more about NiXPS Edit v2.6.1...

win32NiXPS Edit v2.6.1 XP/Vista: Try* download  / Buy download
MacOSXNiXPS Edit v2.6.1 OSX 10.4/10.5: Try* download  / Buy download

NiXPS View v3.0: cross platform XPS viewing

View, print and search XPS documents on Mac and PC.
The NiXPS View v3.0 application is available today.

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win32NiXPS View v3.0 XP/Vista/Win7: Try* download  / Buy download
MacOSXNiXPS View v3.0 OSX 10.4/10.5/10.6: Try* download  / Buy download

NiXPS SDK v2.6.6: XPS for your applications

The power and flexibility of NiXPS, but in the form of a library that allows you to raise the full potential of XPS in your cross-platform applications and services.
Featuring both a C/C++ and .NET api to render, convert, read, write and modify XPS.

Learn more about NiXPS SDK v2.6.6 ...

NiXPS SDK v2.6.6 XP/Vista/Mac OSX: Try* download  / Buy download