February 10,2009 - NiXPS releases today a new version of its unique, cross platform XPS tools facilitating the use of XPS in professional document management environments.

Cross-platform XPS conversion, viewing and editing power
NiXPS View provides basic cross-platform XPS viewing, with powerful tools such as detailed zoom, quick search and text selection, for full XPS inspection on both Mac and PC. The new NiXPS View v2.6.1 now also features PDF export, making file exchange easy for everybody. The addition of the PDF export feature makes NiXPS View v2.6.1 unique in the market. It is a great companion for those users who want to take full advantage of the built-in XPS capabilities of their desktop.

NiXPS Edit goes beyond cross-platform viewing and brings full-fledged XPS editing to the desktop, like object editing, inspection, document and page manipulations and more. New for NiXPS Edit v2.6.1 is the improved interactive text-editing tool, which greatly simplifies text correction, making it as easy as 'click and correct' and allowing quick last minute corrections.

"With the announcement of Windows 7, Microsoft reaffirmed their commitment to XPS as the future of electronic documents and printing on the Windows platform", says Nick De Roeck, managing director of NiXPS NV. "XPS is a very capable, open and safe electronic document format. With its close ties to .NET and the Office suite, and the fact that XPS creation and viewing comes for free with Windows, XPS makes a lot of sense from a business perspective", continues Nick De Roeck. "Our desktop applications bring more value to the user, with powerful conversion and editing capabilities, and cross- platform support."

For software developers NiXPS offers a powerful SDK that facilitates embracing XPS in your applications. The SDK allows the conversion of XPS to PDF, SVG and EMF, but also non-destructive object editing. All of this in a well documented SDK with examples for popular development environments like C++ and .NET, and for both Windows and Mac.

Pricing and availability
NiXPS View v2.6.1 costs €75 or 99$, NiXPS Edit v2.6.1 costs €225 or 299$ - both are available for Windows and Mac, and can be downloaded for trial and purchased via the NiXPS website: nixps.com
NiXPS Converter SDK, NiXPS Editing SDK and NiXPS Full SDK can also be downloaded in trial and purchased via the website.

About XPS
Created by Microsoft®, XPS is an open, XML-based file format that serves as default page description and print spooling technology in Microsoft’s operating system Windows® Vista® and the upcoming Windows 7. Through Windows Vista’s print architecture millions of users can easily create XPS files from any application. Microsoft Vista - and soon Windows 7 - offer basic XPS viewing capabilities as part of the operating system. Most modern printers and front ends to high-end digital print production today support XPS. With these features XPS is an ideal format for document exchange, review and print in enterprise document and professional digital print environments.

About NiXPS
NiXPS pioneers the XPS revolution. With a strong background in the publishing industry and extensive experience with document formats, the company is ideally positioned to offer the technology needed to make XPS usable in professional document management environments. Our NiXPS Library is an independent, cross platform, highly efficient software library to read, modify and write XPS files. More and more software vendors and integrators are choosing NiXPS Library to embrace XPS in their offerings. NiXPS Edit application is an interactive XPS editor based on our NiXPS technology. It gives users unparalleled capabilities to inspect, edit and optimize their XPS files. Software vendors and integrators can build upon NiXPS Edit to offer their XPS functionality on a compelling, interactive platform. Our NiXPS View application offers XPS viewing for both Mac & PC. Learn what XPS can do for you by visiting nixps.com

Press Contact NiXPS
Nick De Roeck
Managing Director
+32 479 26 27 19