September 9,2009 - NiXPS SDK powers future products of Dane Prairie Systems LLC

Lochristi, Belgium, September 9, 2009 - NiXPS is proud to announce that Dane Prairie Systems LLC has chosen its NiXPS SDK v2.6.3 for inclusion in the next generation of their software products.

"As the XPS file format has increased in popularity, we were looking for a good solution to process and convert XPS.", says Craig Lebakken, CTO of Dane Prairie Systems LLC. "The NiXPS SDK offers us the right functionality, and it integrates nicely in our existing code base. We are very happy with its performance and the great support we are getting from NiXPS."

Nick De Roeck, managing director of NiXPS NV, continues: "NiXPS aims to excel in XPS conversion and processing. We pioneered cross platform XPS processing, and by offering multiple interfaces in our NiXPS SDK for .NET and native coding on Mac and PC, we are reaching out to every developer that is building solutions around XPS. We are very glad that Dane Prairie Systems LLC chose us and that we are privileged to contribute to its success".

About NiXPS
NiXPS pioneers the XPS revolution. With a strong background in the publishing industry and extensive experience with document formats, the company is ideally positioned to offer the technology needed to make XPS usable in professional document management environments. Our NiXPS SDK is an independent, cross platform, highly efficient software library to read, modify, convert and write XPS files. Learn what XPS can do for you by visiting

About Dane Prairie Systems LLC
Dane Prairie Systems LLC has been writing leading edge software for the printing and publishing industries for over 10 years. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Dane Prairie Systems LLC was founded to create new tools for electronic document creation and distribution.

About XPS
Created by Microsoft, XPS is an open, XML-based file format that serves as default page description and print spooling technology in Microsoft's operating system Windows Vista and the upcoming Windows 7. Through Windows Vista's print architecture millions of users can easily create XPS files from any application. Microsoft Vista - and soon Windows 7 - offer basic XPS viewing capabilities as part of the operating system. Most modern printers and front ends to high-end digital print production today support XPS. With these features XPS is an ideal format for document exchange, review and print in enterprise document and professional digital print environments.

Nick De Roeck
Managing Director
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