September 23,2009 - NiXPS View v3.0 brings annotations, scripting and PDF/A conversion to XPS

Lochristi, Belgium, September 23, 2009 - NiXPS has released the next version of its cross platform XPS tool NiXPS View v3.0 for PC and Mac. The new release introduces annotations, scripting and PDF/A conversion. These are three unique abilities, and reaffirms NiXPS in its pioneering role in XPS technology in tools.

"XPS is a hidden treasure in your IT infrastructure", says Nick De Roeck, managing director of NiXPS NV. "Why not take advantage of this incredibly rich and capable document technology, which comes for free with each copy of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Every organization that has invested, or is planning to invest, in Windows desktops can make their document flow much more efficient and cost-effective by adopting XPS. NiXPS offers the best tools to let businesses and users all over the world take advantage of XPS. Do more with XPS!".

NiXPS View v3.0 introduces annotations, which can be managed in NiXPS View itself, but are visible in every XPS viewer, including the default viewers that are part of Windows Vista and Windows 7. This facilitates the use of XPS as a great format for sharing and reviewing documents.

With the ability to script NiXPS View, the application reaches out to professionals and users who have a want to customize their document flow. Javascript is very easy to pick up, and thanks to the link to the powerful NiXPS SDK api, it becomes an enabler for adding things like watermarks, barcodes, optional content, and the like. It can even be used to automate processing and gather data from XPS documents.

Efficient UI
NiXPS View is an easy to use application that helps you get things done faster and more efficient. You can read XPS documents and interact with them in a natural way. The application provides a simple and well thought-out UI, with support for zooming, panning & scrolling. Document interactivity is provided by supporting the optionally available document outline, and by supporting embedded links. Our Quick-search allows you to scan for words quickly, and our rich conversion options will ensure that NiXPS View will be your application of choice for all things related to XPS.

PC and Mac since 2007
NiXPS has always been committed to deliver quality software for both Windows and Mac. NiXPS has been the first to release a Mac XPS viewer in 2007, and with this release they further show our deep commitment to the Mac. "Mac users appreciate an application that integrates elegantly in the Mac OSX environment", says Nick De Roeck. "Our NiXPS View v3.0 for OSX behaves like a proper OSX application. Starting with version three we have added QuickLook integration to make XPS more of a first-class citizen on Mac OSX."

Launch offer
To celebrate the launch of the third major release of the application, NiXPS runs a time limited launch offer which allows you to purchase the NiXPS View v3.0 at a special discount price of 49 USD (35 EU).

About NiXPS
NiXPS pioneers the XPS revolution. With a strong background in the publishing industry and extensive experience with document formats, the company is ideally positioned to offer the technology needed to make XPS usable in professional document management environments. Our NiXPS SDK is an independent, cross platform, highly efficient software library to read, modify, convert and write XPS files. Wolters Kluwer, Cardinal Health, Dane Prairie Systems and Accenture are amongst the many customers that rely on NiXPS technology. Learn what NiXPS can do for you by visiting

About XPS
Created by Microsoft, XPS is an open, XML-based file format that serves as default page description and print spooling technology in Microsoft's operating system Windows Vista and the upcoming Windows 7. Through Windows Vista's print architecture millions of users can easily create XPS files from any application. Microsoft Vista - and soon Windows 7 - offer basic XPS viewing capabilities as part of the operating system. Most modern printers and front ends to high-end digital print production today support XPS. With these features XPS is an ideal format for document exchange, review and print in enterprise document and professional digital print environments.

Nick De Roeck
Managing Director
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