Easy and fast PDF generation

NiPDF: PDF for .NET, easy as 1-2-3

NiPDF is the newest creation of electronic document specialist NiXPS NV.
It is a .NET assembly that dramatically simplifies generating PDF in .NET.

DLL solution, no printer driver

NiPDF is a .NET DLL that you reference in your .NET solution, and allows you to convert a WPF FixedDocument to a PDF documents just like that.

No API to learn

NiPDF has a very simple API that takes in a FixedDocument, or an XPS file, and writes out a PDF file. All drawing and document compositing can be done use the regular WPF tools available in .NET.

Fully managed code, no interop

The SDK is fully managed code, it does not depend on any non-managed native or legacy code.

High quality, keeping text and vectors intact

The PDF generator keeps text and vectors intact, resulting a small, high quality, fully searchable PDFs.

icon NiPDF Whitepaper
Learn more about the features and capabilities of the NiPDF SDK.

icon Licensing Overview
Read here about the various licensing options for our NiPDF SDK.