NiXPS SDK v2.6.6
NiXPS SDK v2.6.6
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NiXPS SDK v2.6

Native XPS editing, conversion and manipulation for your applications.

The NiXPS SDK gives you the ability to process XPS files in your application.
It's a cross-platfrom library, with api's for C/C++ and .NET.
It provides powerfull high-level functionality, but also detailed low-level access to all parts of an XPS file.

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A lot more than Win32 and .NET

The NiXPS SDK offers compelling api's that give you a lot of rich functionality that is not availalbe in the default .NET or win32 world: an object model, object selection and manipulation, conversion to PDF & TIFF, etc... It has C/C++ api's, but also a .NET api. The low-level api gives you read and write access to the various parts and XML files that make up an XPS file. Next to that there is a high-level object-based api that allows you to create or modify XPS documents programatically. On top of that there are extra tools allowing specific actions on XPS files (f.i. page manipulations), and thanks to our embedded rendering engine, it is also possible to generate a high-resolution preview of XPS documents. Read more about the different

Native XPS processing, fast and precise

Our library runs at optimum native speed. We went to great lengths to make sure that the library processes XPS quickly and efficiently. By optimizing our XML parsing for XPS, and by ensuring that the library only processes relevant parts of the XPS, we prevent unnecessary work and ensure optimum speed.

The library provides an api that allows very precise and very focused operations on the XPS file. Via our api you can take advantage of this and only change parts of the file that require changing. We like to call this 'high fidelity' processing. The file that goes into the library is kept as intact as possible when written back out (including comments, special sections, etc...). This means no unpleasant surprises for your files, and more importantly, for your customer's files.

Convert XPS to PDF, PDF/A, SVG & TIFF

Use the library to convert your XPS files to PDF, SVG or TIFF for further processing.
Our PDF & SVG conversion generates high quality, optimized, vector based files.
Our conversion is done without going over GDI, nor via a printer driver. You can convert directly from within your C/C++ or .NET application, via a single function call.

Cross platform freedom

NiXPS library is not tied to a specific operating system. Our library runs on both Mac OS X and Windows, and is a fully independent implementation that has no dependency on a specific underlying application deployment platform.

We focus on XPS, so you can focus on your business

XPS is an exciting new development, and you should take advantage of this in your applications. But that doesn't mean you need to implement the specification and rendering capabilities from the ground up. Rely on our tried and tested NiXPS technology. We offer very competitive and flexible licensing schemes, giving you the opportunity to start offering quality XPS support in your applications, today.

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